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Website backlinks

Backlinks are referrals from another website, where you receive some reflected glory from the site that links to you. Imagine if you were a computer repair man and had a link from the home page of Microsoft or Apple...

So much more important than a link from an article site or web directory in Bolivia. We respond best to recomendations from friends and trusted resourses much more than we do for products that are marketed and advertised. Good backlinks are the best reccommendations for your website.

Bad links however can be detrimental for your web site and need to be fixed.

Its simple really, you need good links and you need to get the same good links that your competition has.

If you have 6 competitors and they each have 6 good backlinks: get them all and get ahead.

Start your backlink analysis here.

Backlink analysis

We can provide you with a detailed report of all your backlinks, their quality and the number of visits your site gets from each of these backlinks. Then we can look at all your competitors and their website backlinks and tell you which are the ones you really need to get.

Backlink builder service

If you wish we can undertake backlink builder projects for you. We are happy to quote for backlink building.

Backlinks checker

To re-run the reports, either to check on a competitor or to check your progress we discount by 50% off the original fee.