Compare the Website

User interface

This is the general description for the front end of your website. The customer facing bit that’s supposed to get their juices flowing for your offering. It should engage them in about 15 seconds and the instant they land on the page they should know exactly what this page is about. How well is this working for you, for your new visitors and your returning visitors, who will actually spend less time on the page?

User interface design

Today your website is no longer a standalone project, but instead is an integral part of the web, a collection of pages that answer questions for viewers as determined by the search engines. How much is...? How do I...? What is the meaning of...? and so your individual pages have to respond in a way that builds confidence with the viewer so they are encouraged to talk to you or buy something. Its what we try to do on our pages with you...

Graphical user interface

Graphical user interface is a technical description of the array of graphics, buttons and links on your pages that ask the user to do something. 'Add to Basket', 'Download' a bit like Alice in Wonderland 'Eat Me' and 'Drink Me' but have you ever looked at whether they work? English teachers call it ‘persuasive text’ guiding the viewer in the right direction. The text on your page might not use persuasive words and phrases or might be in the wrong place or both.

User interface testing

Testing the user interface isn’t hard. Once you know what to look for it will be easy for you to monitor and manage. Our reports will provide you with an analysis and guidelines to help you with this. Click here to start with user interface research.