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Domain names

There are many important factors to consider when choosing your website domain name.
It must be booked in your company's trading name and held as an asset of your company, and not booked in the name of your web guy or an employee.
You may, one day, think of selling the site and so your domain name must be relevant to the new owner and not simply your name. is only sellable to someone called John Smith and all the hard work you put into the site will be lost if he has a different business to yours.
It should be short, easy to tell people over the phone, easy to spell and memorable.
It should be hosted in the country you want to trade in i.e. in the UK

Domain name search

We will conduct your domain name search in private and away from prying eyes, giving you time to decide on the best domain name for your business. If you’ve lost your domain name we can help get it back. We include a statement for your domain with the reports and will highlight any possible problems and suggest how to fix these.


Currently Nominet, the domains registry, is going through a process of de-activating domain names that are registered to dissolved companies. If your domain name is registered to a dissolved company, either yours or your web guy's, the first thing you will know is when your site dies. You may never get the name back again. Complete some details here and we will let you know if there are any conflicts with your domains.