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Keywords are both the signposts to your business, and the individual slogan or label for your product. However, many websites forget to ensure they are tied in together seamlessly with the search engines and the landing page. If your keywords are Doughnut or Beer, guess what should be on the page visitors land on. Sometimes the search engines will point your visitors to another page on your site, and you have to get them back on your chosen page for the keyword.

Keyword research

What would you like to know? Which keywords work, or don’t, on your website? On your competitors website? And what keywords do viewers use on the search engines? Complete the form on the front page to get an idea of what we can do.


Viewers now use 3-4 words on search engines, and this is a keyphrase. Search engines are getting clever and will provide different results for similar phrases, and so your list of alternative phrases needs to be carefully researched.

Keyphrase research

If your page is not easy to find on the search engines then we can run reports to compare your page with the top performing pages and include a template to guide you in improving your pages performance. We just need to know what keyphrase you want to rank for, and which page on your site will be the target.

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