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Website audit report

A web audit involves a very detailed look at your website to highlight the good and bad points from the perspective of your viewers, the search engines and your webmaster. Before you go spending lots of your time and money, filling the shelves with new products it would be prudent to look at your site and make sure it is working to its best potential, working on the search engines and capable of attracting and serving your new enquiries. There are hundreds of factors that the web audit report looks at including...

  • Are your FaceBook and Twitter efforts sending you viewers?
  • Which search engines list your site, how many of your pages and when did they last look?
  • Are all your pages visible to the search engines and do you have any hidden pages?
  • Is the structure working fluidly throughout the site?
  • Who links to you, and how valuable are their links?
  • Who do you link to, and do they link back?
  • Your pages should have ‘tags’ for the search engines and the report tells you if any are missing or incorrect.
  • Where does your site rank in relation to the rest of the world?
  • Does your site have duplicate content that confuses search engines.
  • Are your pages too big and take too long to load?
  • Does your site use frames which hide content?
  • Are all your internal page links working?

Your website audit is only a click away