Compare the Website

Compare the website fees

Compare the Website was initially developed as part of the support service for our clients at Canterbury Web Services, where varying levels of support and research are provided under the ‘Maintenance’ aspect of the contract.

Our website analysis and competitor comparison service continues to grow and now includes Company House searches, Business intelligence, Market Research and Business planning, Domain name investigation and retrieval. The project continues to grow and we thought 'Compare the Website' was a good name to go by.

So here we are, and what you are paying for is detailed reporting to help you make intelligent business decisions about your website and your competitors.

We charge £50 per hour and include individual reviewer notes on each report and a telephone/video conference follow-up to help ensure you understand everything.

If you are a client of Canterbury Web Services then this service is free, ask Steve for more details about your package. If you are an associate of a client of Canterbury Web Services you will be given a 25% discount, just let us know when you reply to a quotation.

We offer 50% discounts on report updates providing there are no more than 12 months between report re-runs, this should help encourage you to look again, at least once a year.

Finally, so that you don’t get scared away before you’ve even started some reports may only take 15 minutes which will be reflected in the quotation..

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